#8 Single Dad Laughing came out as “something other than straight”, and I love it

cavalier-soldierYet another sweet coming out post hit the internet. Dan Pearce from Single Dad Laughing, came out in his very recent blog post as “something other than straight” which means he is – according to his own designation – bisexual. I like to read Dan’s pieces. He comes across as a decent, honest guy who is wrestling with his life and is trying to live it the best he could.

His post “I’m Christian Unless You’re Gay” published in November of last year went viral, and that’s how I got to know him. I liked the piece quite a bit, so much that I put it on my “must read list” (see the link box on the right). I do not agree with every bit of opinion he shared there, but the core message is very sound and I support it wholeheartedly.

At the time, he claimed he was straight, but I he also mentioned something rather strange. He said that had been questioning his sexual orientation and wondering if he had been gay. He then reassured me and other followers that he was nothing but heterosexual. Such introspection isn’t usual from anyone who is unquestionably straight, but I took his words at their face value.

It is now obvious that he was struggling with feelings he wasn’t able or willing to squarely face.

Lost in this world

Dan also left the LDS church some time ago. I don’t judge him for that, and I don’t think he would necessarily be better off in his situation if he didn’t. Each of us have our own path and decisions to make. But I somehow cannot help not to see that, although he is a wonderful writer and a great dude, he also comes across as pretty much lost in this world. I remember times when I used to be like that, and I didn’t particularly like it. I was aware that I was lost, and it had always been a puzzling condition. Because I lived in a communist country, it took me a while to realize that only through spirituality and religion I can find a proper anchor and a steady foundation for really getting to know myself.

I hope that some day Dan Pearce will realize the same. This does not necessarily mean that he should embrace again Mormonism that he abandoned – although I would cheer for such a development. It only means that spiritual worlds around him and within him are a reality that a person as honest and as vulnerable as he is should acknowledge in order to find a lasting peace of mind and heart.


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