#18 There is a shift in the attitude towards homosexuals within the Mormon community, but it’s not doctrinal

bird-flyingA few days ago, the LDS church launched a brand new web site “Mormons and Gays”. It is a seminal event in the gay Mormon community. At the time of it’s launch – which was Thursday, December 6th, 2012 – it was my turn to prepare a text and publish it the very next day on the North Star’s Northern Lights blog.

For those who don’t know, North Star is a grassroots organization whose members approach homosexuality from various places, but with one common thread: we want to live our lives in accordance to the teachings of the LDS church. Northern Lights blog is a place where voices of those who agree with the North Star’s mission statement regularly publish their individual views on the issue.

Bonus thoughts

So, on Friday, December 7th, 2012, I published a piece titled “I Hope That By Commenting on the Brand New Church Website on Gays I Would Not Shoot Myself in the Foot”. As usual, I tried to be slightly funny and little sarcastic, but with a proper measure. Just enough so that my contribution isn’t bland or boring. If anything, I don’t want to come across as someone who likes to mock people, myself excluded.

I encourage you to go and read my Northern Lights text. And then return and read a few of my bonus thoughts on the same topic.

I’m very pleased with the official Mormon church web site on gays. One thing that I didn’t mention in my Northern Lights post is that the brethren obviously authorized the use of word “gay” in the title of the site without assuming that it has a negative connotation.

Faithful gays are the driving force within the church

I was born and I live overseas. I never lived anywhere near Salt Lake City (English is not my mother tongue). So I do not give a hoot about intricacies of the difference in the meaning & political (in)correctness between the terms “homosexual”, “gay” and “same-sex attracted”. I use those terms interchangeably and without an urge to apologize. I find amusing and likable a stance of one of my friends, a faithful member of the Mormon church from Europe – also with homosexual inclinations – who says that for him, the term “same-sex attraction” sounds more like a name for a disease. I wouldn’t go as far as not allowing myself to use it, but with terms “gay” and “homosexual” I’m just fine.

Another important think that I observe is that we witness a change in the attitude towards homosexuals within the Mormon community. It is not a doctrinal change. I do not expect any time soon that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints change it’s stance towards homosexual behavior. It is considered sin and will continue to be considered as such in foreseeable future. What is definitely changing is the openness of the dialogue. Members of the church more readily talk about the issue. Leaders of the church more readily put the issue on the table, as a part of their official discourse. And the emphasis on love, understanding and compassion, not on behavioral change.

I think I know why there is this tidal shift in perception. It is because many faithful, obedient members of the church came out with their sincere, authentic stories of the struggle with the same-sex attraction. I believe their faithfulness is the key driving force of the change, and will continue to be in months and years ahead.


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  1. Mrs. I Define Me
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 07:13:40

    FG Mormon – I (Mrs. I Define Me) am excited to finally get to your blog as I have enjoyed much of your comments on The Weed. I’m sure the Mr. IDM and I can learn alot and be enlightened by you (as Mrs. FGM), and I hope you might benefit from our story and experiences as well.

    Today we decided (due to some undeniable inspiration from God) to open our blog up for questions to be answered by Mr. IDM and any other LDS/gay/ssa individuals who are willing to join in. It’s a sorta of impromptu panel discussion online.

    Actually, this kind of thing may already have been done before, (we’re new on this blogging scene, so I don’t know) but it must be needed again,… And, we have noticed that there are many questions which were originally asked of Josh Weed, but he just doesn’t seem to have the time to get to them all (which is completely understandable given what’s happening in his life, and with a busy career, and a young family to raise), therefore, we are willing to take some time in the coming days and weeks (during holiday time off) to do our best to honestly answer the questions that might be asked.

    We were thrilled by the new church website, as awareness and understanding grows. And we were happy to hear from Lolly Weed’s post that they participated in a wonderful panel discussion meeting of LDS stake & ward leaders. Hopefully there are many leaders who would be genuinely interested in actively learning more to increase acceptance, understanding, and love, who will find their way to our panel discussion on our blog. http://idefineme.blogspot.com


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