#23 Proper way of changing a true church is through spiritual means, not political activism

slc-templeI’m sure that there are quite a few gay Mormons – active, inactive or out of the church altogether – who wonder what if anything they can do to influence church policies and church leaders. I ended my previous post on the doctrine with a question how the principles preached by Church leaders are established and is there anything that rank-and-file members can do to initiate their establishment or change?

In other words, is it possible that we can do something, so that same-sex attraction is discussed more openly within the church and that gay relationships are tolerated or even accepted?

Well, before anything, let me say that the Mormon church is not a democratic, political organization, with primaries and platforms to vote upon. (I’m thankful to God for that!) Thus political activism that promotes gay issues and gay rights in order to influence church policies is not a proper way to go. Maybe that is a way to go for non-members, but if a member desires to undertake that route, it may not be a bad idea that he first withdraws from the church membership. And I’m not saying this in a judgmental way, it is just a reality of life. More


#12 The youth is the leading voice in the reconciliation of faith and same-sex attraction

hands2It is amazing to see how stark the difference in attitudes about (homo)sexuality is between the rising generation and the generation of baby boomers. Here I do not think of attitudes that are unbecoming or hostile to the Gospel. Rather, I think the leading voices in the struggle of reconciling same-sex attraction with the commandments of God come more often than not from members of the Mormon church who are surprisingly young. There seems to be an inverse correlation between age and devotion in fighting for the good cause.

I am impressed by Ty Mansfield, Josh Weed, Joshua Johanson and many others, both single, and married young men and women who are in some way involved in the discourse about same-sex attraction in the context of faithfulness to God. More